A Look At The History Of The Matka Satta Game In India

It is a pure number guessing that Indian gamblers have loved all these years and the casino games have not struck a chord with the Indian betting community. India today has the casino, but most gamblers do not seem to understand the complicated slots and the ruthless cockfights. Rather they are happy to guess numbers and with online tips at their disposal, there is just no reason to look beyond the Matka Satta for betting in India. The game is today six decades old and there are plenty of participants on the board. Plenty of the gamblers are seeking entertainment value while some gamblers are exploring serious money minting opportunities from the Matka board. One can say that the game has reached an addiction level among many in India.

When did the Matka Satta start?

If you speak of the Matka Satta game specifically, it was in the year 1961 that the game first came into prominence. However, that was never the start of betting here in India and the first betting game to be played was Ankur Jugar. Here a participant had to guess the opening prices of cotton the following day on the stock exchanges. This game was stopped after a decade because cotton trades were halted on the global stock exchanges. It was a decision taken offshore but caused a disruption to the betting industry in India those days. Hence, as an alternative in the year 1961 that the Kalyan Matka game was introduced and it was popular instantly. Since a participant had to guess numbers, there was just no scope for disruption like the Ankur Jugar.

What is the recent big change for the Matka Satta game?

There has of course been one key change in the Matka Satta game after so many years. The change has been for the better as we say that the game can now be accessed online. We have spoken to gamblers who have adapted to this change and they have to say that the online transformation does not take away the thrills. Rather the ore guessing work gets easier because you are typing numbers on the screen. The cash prize incentives are also more in the online format simply because physical operations have overhead costs and that is completely missing here. The operators are ready to share some of it, in the form of higher cash prizes with participants.

How to access the results in the online Matka Satta?

There are plenty of you eyeing the riches and even the position of a sattaking via this number guessing game. If you engage in planned number guessing via online tips, it is possible but just making a guess will not do. There is also a need to check out the results and that is also possible online. It will be published online and right on the same website. You can check the results right at the end of the day. Luck will go in your favor and you are sure to grab lucrative cash prizes from the game.



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