Anthropology: Mirror of Mankind

Anthropology is as interesting as it sounds. It signifies the beginning of mankind, or can also be referred to as the mirror of mankind. In simple word, Anthropology refers to the study of human beings throughout time. It is the progeny of humanities and natural sciences. Kids are often interested in getting answers to questions such as: ‘who are homo sapiens?’ ‘what is meant by homo sapiens?’ etc. The answers to such questions can be found in Anthropology. Many times, when teachers are unable to pay attention to individual students, and you kid feels like he is surrounded with questions; it would be a good choice to hire a private tutor.

An Anthropology tutor can help your kid with the subject and get answers to all those questions that he otherwise feels embarrassed to ask in the class. A good private tutor will help the students understand the basic concept behind the various branches of biology. In this article, we will discuss about the various branches in brief:

Biological Anthropology – It refers to the study of human evolution. Modern synthesis and the Darwin’s theory of natural selection have led to the evolution of this particular branch. Some of the well-known physical anthropologists who have contributed to this branch of study are Alan C.Walker, David Pilbeam, and Sherwood Washburn. Some of the further sub divisions of this branch are primatology, human behavioral ecology, paleoanthropology, biomedical anthropology, neuroanthropology and osteology. Mark Hauser

Cultural Anthropology – Just like the name suggests this branch refers to the study of human culture developed throughout time. The human culture has been undergoing changes constantly. It has evolved over the time. It is an amazing thing to observe and study. Students find this branch truly interesting. The social aspect of the subject also rose equally in popularity to the cultural aspect. The social aspect deals with the human conduct from the social approach.

Archeology – Most people refer to this branch of study as something that deals with excavations and digging up stuff. Archeology is that part of science which studies human history from various aspects such as documentation, recovery, analysis, interpretation of remains, and environmental data. Based on this branch of study, the remains of Mohenjo daro and Alexandria were excavated and studied.

Natural Linguistics – We all know that linguistics refers to the study of languages. As a result, it is quite obvious that natural linguistics is that branch of anthropology which refers to the study of the timeline of mankind language configuration and their usage. It was earlier known as philology. Linguistics also analyses the influence of a language on a particular culture.



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