Are Horoscopes Tarot Readings Possible

There are plenty of people who love learning about astronomy and at the same time they even have a peculiar interest in astrology. Even though both these fields are based on the stars, they’re definitely not related. aries horoscope

There are plenty of books and resources available that help you understand and learn about the working of astrology and horoscopes in specific. But, how are these tarot readings possible?

If you look back into the past you would notice that both astrology as well as astronomy are ancient practices and have been studied by ancient civilizations across the globe even though they never knew each other.

Every paper across the globe has a section that’s focussed on horoscope and so there must be some sort of explanation as to why so many people believe in it right? Let’s take a look at a few facts behind this science:

Similarities in the elements

The world is basically made up of four elements – fire, earth, wind and water. According to the tarot a person’s personality is closely related to these elements as the person is basically made up of these very elements.

Each of the 12 zodiac signs are based on a particular element. Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo belong to the Earth; Sagittarius, Leo and Aries are the fire element; Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio belong to Water and lastly Aquariums, Gemini and Libra belong to air.

How Horoscope Tarot readings are possible

Combining tarot knowledge with that of astrology is really easy if you know the basic principles involved. All you need to do is place the querent card at the centre and this card basically represents you or the person you’re trying to get a horoscope of.

Once this is done there are 12 different spots allocated around that single card, each one for a different zodiac sign. These signs are then numbered from one through twelve.

Aries is always the first in the series and numbered 1 whereas Pisces is numbered 12. Once this is done the cards are read and interpreted in a sort of story like pattered beginning from card one and ending on the twelfth card.


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