Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning involves cleaning carpets without the use of a liquid-based detergent or cleaning agent. It prevents the retention of moisture after cleaning. Usually, it is used to clean carpets made of fine fibers and prevents them from getting damaged. The process involved in dry carpet cleaning is a simple one. It requires a cleaning agent, which is powder-based and a solvent.

The solvent is sprinkled on the carpet. (Some can be sprayed.) Using a brush, it is then spread evenly over the carpeted surface and into the base. It is then left to work for approximately half an hour or more depending on the brand. carpet cleaning kitchener

Once the solvent has been sprayed, and a brush has been used to reach all parts of the carpeted surface, the solvent attracts dirt, which dissolves in the solvent so that when the carpet is vacuumed dirt that has dissolved is removed.

Before using the dry carpet cleaning method, it is important to take a few precautions. If there is any solid dirt in the carpet, such as dry residues caused by spilt liquids after they dry, it should be manually removed from the carpet surface. Basically, the carpet should be scanned to check for solid pieces or chunks that might be present. If these are left in the carpet, they might dissolve when the powder-based solvent is sprayed and cause further damage to the carpet.

The carpet should also be as dry as possible before the process is started. For instance, if a liquid has accidentally been spilt on it, the liquid should first be absorbed manually using cotton wool or a soft kitchen towel. The presence of moisture can dilute the effect of the powder-based cleaning agent that is being used, and can, therefore, dilute the impact of cleaning. The same applies to stains. If stains are removed before the carpet is cleaned, there is no risk of them dissolving again and damaging the carpet, when the powder-based solvent is sprayed.

While dry carpet cleaning is a popular cleaning method, and involves fewer risks than other methods that involve the use of liquid-based cleaning methods, recommendations made by carpet manufacturers serve as the best guidelines. This is because the dry carpet cleaning method may not damage your carpet while being cleaned, but may not effectively clean your carpet if it is not the recommended cleaning method for your carpet.



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