Wooden Dog House Building Plans

You will save hundreds of dollars by opting to build a Do-It-Yourself dog house, rather than buying a pre-fabricated one at the store. Raw materials are cheap, and high quality dog house building plans can be instantly downloaded from the internet. This article discusses the basic aspects to building your own dog kennel, and directs you to the next logical step in this excellent DIY project.

Obtaining Free Or Discounted Lumber stairs manufacturer

To start with, I’m going to discuss how to get low cost lumber. Traditionally you would have to buy in bulk in order to get any substantial price cut from your local lumber yard. However, we’re only just coming out of a devastating recession, and I think you’ll find that merely asking for a discount will work 90% of the time. If not, you could consider buying extra wood for other DIY projects.

Free lumber is also an option. I’m not talking about walking into the woods and cutting down trees. Rather you could ask neighbors if they’ve got any scrap wood laying in their yard. Old furniture is also useful. Be creative, as you’ll be amazed at the kind of things you can use to build a great dog kennel.

Styling Your Dog Kennel

Whether you’re looking to build a small, basic dog house, or a premium duplex dog mansion, styling is important in this cosmetic age. Most of the time a simple paint job would suffice, but there are plenty of other ways in which to spice up an otherwise boring kennel.

– Attach a name plaque.
– Build a flat-roofed dog house and place a herb garden on top.
– Construct a “driveway” up to the house and line it with plants.
– Install a “doggy door”. This is exceptionally good if you live in a cool climate.
– If construction from duplex dog house building plans, consider a removable separating wall so your pets can sleep together on cold nights.


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